Crumpled Large Post Earring- Gold

Crumpled Large Post Earring- Gold

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Color: Gold
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Designed in 2008, our "crumpled" 14k gold plated metalwork lends itself perfectly to this large diamond shape. Creating a miniature sculpture which reflects light in the folds of the metalwork.
  • 14k gold plated brass, surgical steel posts
  • Weight: 20g, medium weight
  • UPC: 889519114343
3" x 1.5"

To clean these large gold sculptural post earrings, gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth. For additional care instructions visit our FAQ page.


What are the materials that make up these large gold sculptural post earrings?

The materials that are used in these large gold sculptural post earrings are signature materials of the Alexis Bittar jewelry collection. Combinations of custom metalwork encapsulate these 14k gold plated brass posts to create a hand-sculpted design with intricate craftsmanship.

Do the large gold sculptural post earrings fit all ear sizes and shapes?

These large gold sculptural post earrings can adorn all face and ear sizes. We do recommend checking the measurements listed above to get an accurate sense of the size and fit prior to purchasing. 

Can I shower or swim while wearing these large gold sculptural post earrings?

We recommend removing these large gold sculptural posts before showering or swimming. 

How do I clean my large gold sculptural posts?

To clean these earrings, gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth. For additional care instructions visit our FAQ page.

How can these earrings be styled?

These Alexis Bittar large gold sculptural post earrings, like many pieces in the Alexis Bittar Jewelry Collection, can be dressed up for formal occasions or worn as a standout piece in more casual settings. When paired with other pieces from the Alexis Bittar jewelry collection, these large gold sculptural posts act as a perfect accompaniment. As a standalone piece, these earrings are a sculptural standalone style.

How should I store these large gold sculptural post earrings

We recommend storing these earrings in a jewelry case or container in order to avoid any avoidable tarnishing or wear and tear. When traveling, a small travel case is a good option for transporting these large gold sculptural post earrings.