October 15th, 2013 My First Fine Collection

I am psyched to be launching my first fine jewelry collection!! It's been incredible to work on something different from anything I've done in the past. Designing in the world of fine jewelry made me pay incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship while using precious materials. When I'm designing costume jewelry, I feel like I'm designing a large sculpture. With fine jewelry, I'm designing a miniature, to be coveted.

The collection is debuted with my new advertising campaign, which was shot by Roe Ethridge and styled by Marie Chaix. We sat around for a long time discussing the concept for the campaign and what would be modern, provocative and artistic....and I mean a looooooong time. The idea of a woman punching through a grey/lilac wall, debris flying , jungle red manicured nails, circa 1979/1990/2014.....that sounded good to me.

I could never hurt a woman's hand, so I actually punched through the wall...plus, it felt kind of like breaking bread. The final product feels counter intuitive of a typical Fine Jewelry ad that usually resembles something close to an adult prom picture. We were pretty pleased with the outcome and message.


October 25th, 2013 Roe Ethridge

For my Fall 2013 ad campaign I worked with photographer Roe Ethridge. I chose Roe because of the way he's able to navigate between art and fashion. He's primarily an art photographer, which makes him a great person to collaborate on ideas with. One of the easiest photographers that I've partnered with, Roe has an effortless speed and precision in his work.

Below are some examples of his work, which have been shown at renowned art galleries and museums around the world.

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