May 24th, 2012 Rachel Zoe's Mom

I'm a lucky guy to have inherited several surrogate mothers. Rachael Zoe is a well known American fashion stylist and a friend. On Monday, I got to catch up with her Mom. Both mother and daughter are fans of our jewelry and occasionally we'll get a rushed phone call from Rachel asking us to put together a gift for her Mom. This is always a pleasure. I like seeing her Mom, who's the obvious source of Rachel's personality (solidly grounded, charming, and warm.) She seems like the ideal person to spend a holiday dinner with.


May 29th, 2012 Iris Apfel

Bergdorf Goodman had an honorary dinner to celebrate Iris Apfel, and her contribution to the University of Texas. She's been recognized as an official professor at the university. She was in full regalia in her ombred monkey coat. I spent the night with her husband, Carl, who just turned 98. He was giving me lessons on love and relationships. They've been married for over 60 years, so my ears were perked up.

In the photo below, Iris with Joanna Mastroianni.


May 30th, 2012 Mr. Iris Apfel... I mean, Carl

As much as I adore Iris Apfel, it’s important to shine a light on her other half, Carl Apfel. Carl just turned 98. Check out the smile on his face and those floral pants! He calls me "his son" and I feel blessed to have him as an honorary Father.

This Sunday we were having dinner at Marea and he gave me the best relationship advice. I was asking him if he and Iris have ever had a bad patch and what was the longest that it's lasted during the last 64 years. I was expecting something like a month or two... Wrong! His answer, "Never go to bed with your partner mad at each other. It just builds up. Better to get to the bottom of it that day, so you can move past it. Don't go to sleep until you are both in agreement."

Love him.

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