Lucite Block Ring- Gold

Lucite Block Ring- Gold

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Designed in 1992, the simplicity in form and shape of this ring is one of the best examples of Alexis Bittar's signature Lucite. The ring enables the true luminosity of our hand-carved and hand-painted Lucite to shine. The wearer is constantly enamored by the way the ring catches the light and color.

  • Lucite, hand-carved and hand-painted in Brooklyn, NY
  • If between sizes, size up
  • UPC: 844070029086

1.25" height, .75" width


To clean this gold block Lucite ring, gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth. For additional care instructions visit our FAQ page.


What is the Lucite material that makes up this gold block Lucite ring?

The Lucite that is used in this gold block Lucite ring is a signature material of the Alexis Bittar brand. This acrylic-type material is high quality, and carvable. Making it a desirable jewelry material for customization and color-painting.  

Can this gold block Lucite ring fit all finger sizes?

The gold block Lucite ring comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate most finger sizes. We do recommend checking the measurements listed above to get an accurate sense of the size and fit for your finger prior to purchasing. 

Can I shower or swim while wearing this gold block Lucite ring?

We recommend removing the gold block Lucite ring before showering or swimming. 

Why is my gold block Lucite ring not exactly the same as the photo on your website?

Our Lucite is all hand-carved and hand-painted. While each piece is as consistent as possible, there may be some small variations in the shape or color of your gold block Lucite ring. 

How do I clean my gold block Lucite ring?

To clean this gold block Lucite ring, gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth. For additional care instructions visit our FAQ page.

How can the gold block Lucite ring be styled?

The Alexis Bittar gold block Lucite ring, like many pieces in the Alexis Bittar Jewelry Collection, can be dressed up for formal occasions or worn as a standout piece in more casual settings. When paired with other pieces from the Alexis Bittar jewelry collection, this gold block Lucite ring acts as a perfect accompaniment. As a standalone piece, this gold block Lucite ring is the perfect pop of color and style.

How should I store this gold block Lucite ring

We recommend storing this gold block Lucite ring in a jewelry case or container in order to avoid any avoidable tarnishing or wear and tear. When traveling, a small travel case is a good option for transporting this Lucite ring.