Our brand was born in Brooklyn and that’s where we’re based to this day. Alexis Bittar bought his first block of Lucite in 1990 and holed up in his apartment to figure out how to carve it into the jewelry vision he had. Now over 25 years later, that original vision of hand-crafted jewelry is still a core pillar of our brand and reinforced by our factory in Industry City, Brooklyn where all our Lucite styles are hand-crafted on site.

  • Golden Studded Hinge Bracelet

  • Crystal Encrusted Dangling Starburst Post Earring

  • Tapered Bangle Bracelet 3 Stack Set

  • Medium Dome Clip Earring

  • Crystal Encrusted Orbiting Flip Hinge Bracelet

  • Crystal Encrusted Starburst Pearl Strand Necklace

  • Crystal Encrusted Starburst Studded Hinge Bracelet