September 9th, 2010 Pictures with Joan

With the launch of Fall ad campaign featuring the iconic Joan Collins, we asked our Alexis Bittar fans to take a picture of themselves in front of Joan for a chance to win a copy of the original Joan Collins poster signed by Alexis Bittar. We've received our first couple of photographs of people in front our Joan Collins posters in NYC.

Karine's is the best as she doesn't live in NYC so she photoshopped herself into a photo which I think is awesome.

Keep sending in photographs and make sure to include your mailing address so you can get a copy of the poster (8" x 10"- perfect for framing!) signed by me!


September 10th, 2010 Jason Wu + Alexis Bittar

Jason has had an astonishing leap in the last few years. He is a very talented young designer. His show is today at 2:00. I'm hoping to get some pictures and will post them on Monday.

In case you don't remember- he designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown.

Anna Wintour has been a big supporter for Jason. We decided to collaborate this year for his Spring 2011 Collection. We combined a sense of fluidity with metal and a strong lean towards the future.


September 14th, 2010 Backstage at Jason Wu's Show

So here are a bunch of photos, back stage and during the show, from Jason's show. His designs were great! We had an excellent time there.

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