October 24th, 2011 Antique Jewelry

I've been collecting antiques since I was 13. I used to go to Maine to an antique store in the woods. It was owned by Mrs. Ivers. She had rosy red cheeks and cotton ball hair and was really sweet. She introduced me to antiques from all of Maine. I started selling them on St. Mark's, which sounds crazy because it is. My parents didn't know what they were getting into.

I love antique jewelry because of the history they contain. I used to fantasize about the jewelry being passed down from generation to generation. I know that sounds like a crock of shit, but it's true. I've been obsessed with collecting; it gives me a lot of pleasure. It's a shame I'm not a girl because I'd be wearing it.

I decided to showcase some of the antiques I've been collecting in my stores and online. The jewelry comes from all over- Portobello Rd in London, Clignancourt in Paris and antique shows here in NYC. I'm always looking for antique jewelry that inspires me, whether through craftsmanship, technique or aesthetic.

Below are some examples of some pieces that I’ve been loving.

(In order of photos posted)

1) These earrings are 14k gold, pietra dura, Victorian 1880's. The design is accented by a mix of stone colors to create shapes. They're $1,600.

2) 14k blue enamel cufflinks from the 1930s. I'm always a big fan of antique cufflinks, they give a nod to an older world. There's also nothing more classic than blue enamel with a gold trim. These are $850.

3) This is an 1870s mourning pin with 18K gold wrapped with woven human hair, memento jewelry. This is one of my favorites but also the creepiest forms of jewelry. Victorian hair jewelry was made by women who would take their men's hair and weave it into jewelry as a memento. Since this one is an anchor, the woman's husband might have been in the Royal Navy. This pin is $950.

4) 1970's Aquamarine in 18k rose gold. Classic Sputnik setting, represented the age of Modernism. This is always a classic Modern design that embodies excitement about the future. This ring is $1,400.


October 27th, 2011 Collaborating with Martin Keehn

One of the best things about being a designer is you can collaborate with the most creative minds. Cut to Martin Keehn. Martin has worked as a master tailor for some of the best stylists and designers from Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Michael Kors to celebrities such as David Bowie, Nicky Minaj and Ozzy Osbourne. He's known for his meticulous craftsmanship. He launched his own line and I got to participate in his trajectory by collaborating on 3 designs.

(In order of photos posted)

1) The dyed long goat hair necklace with faceted onyx encrusted trim.

2) A leather and patent leather hand stitched necklace with faceted onyx trim.

3) And a black lace collar.


October 28th, 2011 Fit To Be (Bow) Tied

Mrs. Obama sporting our Resort Bowtie Pin in an unusual way at the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Michelle is not afraid to experiment in fashion as the First Lady. We give Michelle kudos on her ability to express her fashion sensibility even with the microscope of the world watching her every step.

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