May 13th, 2011 The Met Ball

I recently went to the Met Ball which was a tribute to Alexander McQueen and his body of work. My date was the incomparable Lauren Hutton. She was the perfect person to go with, she knows everyone from Mick Jagger to Yoko Ono to a young model like Chanel Iman. Lauren maintains a very down to earth persona even though she's lived a very full life which makes her fun to be around.

The event was star studded and probably packed with more celebrities in art, fashion, music and movies per square meter than any other event. Aside from the dresses, the real highlight of the night was the McQueen Exhibit. The evening ended with Florence + The Machine performing with an overwhelmingly abundance of confidence. She was strutting up to everyone and owning the night. It was the perfect combo because she and McQueen are both REAL talents, not just pretty faces.

Here are few photos of me on the way there and from the exhibit:

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