May 7th, 2010 Art Looking at Art

Lady GaGa wearing a mask I designed for her at the MoMA yesterday... looking at art.


May 10th, 2010 Muse-ings...

These are some shots for the CFDA ceremony. I had to pick a muse and Iris Apfel instantly came to mind. Over the years Iris and I have become close. She truly is an inspiration. At 88 years old she has fun with life and fashion. It exudes out of her. Everyone at the photo shoot that day was thrilled to meet her-including Sarah Jessica Parker who happened to be there as well.

Iris is reserved with her wisdom and has a sense of levity when you're around her that rubs off on you. She independently is recognized for her sense of artistic flare of fashion. The Met did an exhibit about 5 years ago on her and The New York Times said that it was the most incredible show. There's also a book about her style which you can find here called "Rare Bird of Fashion The irreverent Iris Apfel". In regards to her style, she's known for mixing and matching. A Givenchy dress with bracelets made of eyeballs for instance. Couture and flea market finds mix together so seamlessly you may never know which is which. She dresses how she wants to dress with no apologies or explanations and I admire that so much, I couldn't have picked a better muse.

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