January 12, 2014 INDIA

It’s taken me years to cut out the time to travel to India. I was eager to see the north in Rajasthan. It’s a perfect time to go, the countryside is peppered with endless fields of mustard plants, which were in full bloom. I’m proud to say, I didn’t get sick once…not even an upset stomach. For some reason everyone warned me endlessly of the dangers of India. Perhaps it was good luck or just I have an iron stomach. The countryside was the highlight. The people were content to live off the earth. The bulk of the inhabitants are farmers and come from a long ancestry of farmers. There expectations for their own lives were simplistic and complex at the same time. They of course want more but, were also content to have what they did have. That endless craving for consumption in the Western world, did not exist since they had not been exposed to it. Its humbling and also had the sensation of getting a cold bucket of water thrown on you, keeping in check my own ego and expectations of life.
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