I am proud to introduce the first ever transgender woman to be the sole brand ambassador. There is a lot of movement on this discussion and most of it is positive. From Victoria Secret, to Katie Couric the conversation has been presented to the mainstream to understand and educate ourselves. It’s not the transgender's responsibility, who needs to educate us but, we need to educate ourselves. Having grown up in NYC, my exposure to the world of transgender started when I was 18 years old. I have witnessed the fight for understanding and equality. When I was asked why I used a transgender my response was simple…. “she is a beautiful woman”.

FEBRUARY 5, 2014 Michelle Obama's Birthday

Michelle Obama’s Birthday party was something I will never forget. Forgetting the list of attendees, from celebrity, politicians to designers, there was something incredibly intimate about the whole experience. To start with, there was a NO social media policy. Phones , blackberry’s were all checked at the door. I realized that this is now a sad rarity. It instantly created an atmosphere of actually being present, and to my surprise…relief for everyone. It was a relatively a small group of attendees and it was an overwhelming experience to see the room full of such mixed group of people. It was truly a “new day” at the white house, racially and socially mixed , the old image of the starched shirt , helmet headed politician was not present. At one point the room stood together to do a choreographed line dance. I stood watching from the sidelines and took in, the cast of characters. I had the feeling of a sensation I have rarely felt, elation….realizing I was witnessing a first in history. It was truly a rainbow. Michelle at one point said to me , ”I want you to cause some trouble at this party tonight because we are only here for 3 more years.” It was a powerful night.

February 2, 2014 GOING GAGA IN BAZAAR

We designed a space helmet for the Lady….who sported in March’s issue of Gaga.
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