February 11th, 2013 Collaborating with Phillip Lim

For Fall 2013 I chose to work with Phillip Lim. Phillip is incredibly clear and strong as a designer. His focus is unbreakable and his vision is concise. His collection for Fall, Sono Mama was a nod to Grunge with some extra additives. There was a muse of a bohemian biker who was free and easy but had been touched by the city living of 1994.

I designed a pair of chandelier earrings using 10k and oxidized 10k gold. I typically do not design such chandelier earrings but I thought the content was perfect for his collection. The earring was represented on 33 models during the show and was a main focal point of the collection. Here are some clips of it.


February 13th, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama Wears AB at State of the Union Address - For the Second Time!

At last night's State of the Union Address, First lady Michelle Obama wore one of my hand sculpted, hand painted Lucite flower pins in warm grey and gold. I'm so honored that the first lady Michelle Obama chose to wear one of my creations, it's the second time that she has chosen to wear one of my pins to a state of the union address. It is especially meaningful, as my company helps make up the last 5 % of the fashion industry that still produces in America.

Check out this guest blog that I wrote about it on the HuffingtonPost.



February 27th, 2013 Alexis Bittar and Nicola Formichetti

I've grown up with Therry Mugler. Mugler stood for 80's clean modernism, angles and beautiful fabrics. Nicola Formechetti and I have collaborated a lot over the years. We have mostly worked designing custom pieces for Lady Gaga. This time we came together to work on the Mugler Collection which Nicola is currently designing for.

We worked at creating sculptural pieces that de fine modernism and physics. The mood was late 1960's, Airplanes, and retro 80's. There was an earring that looks like it was suspended in air, a metallic ear lobe and metallic ball necklaces in high shine rhodium with extra high polish finish to create a mirror effect.

Here is our sketch, Nicola's sketch and the actual piece

Some looks from the Mugler FW 13 runway show

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