August 26, 2014 WWD Postcard


August 11, 2014 Happy Birthday Carl

It's rare that I get the honor of throwing someone's birthday, let alone their 100th one. Carl Apfel has become almost a surrogate dad to me. 

I talked Carl and Iris into throwing a party for him to celebrate his 100 years of life. 

He was born in the beginning of WWI and has seen so much in such a long period of time. Usually, Iris gets most of the attention—she has that way of sweeping into a room and, like a butterfly, people gravitate to her. Carl is always the quiet, reserved one of the couple and they have been married for 66 years. 

For all the years that I've known him, he has been unconditionally adoring of her. He gives her the space she needs and promotes the idea of her independence. He's the sweetest, kindest man, I've ever met and over the years I've grown incredibly fond of him. Happy 100th birthday Carl...

I love you!

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